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Nurse revalidation needs to cover:

  1. Work record
  2. CPD Log
  3. Health declaration
  4. Character declaration
  5. Indemnity declaration

The Nurse revalidation cycle is 3 years long, and will cover the previous three years.

NMC requirements for revalidation:

  1. You must practise a minimum number of hours over the three years
    preceding the date of your application for renewal of your registration
  2. You must undertake 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD)
    relevant to your scope of practice as a nurse or midwife, over the three years
    prior to the renewal of your registration.

Work hours in previous three years prior to revalidation:

These are a minimum of 450 hours in a nursing role or midwifery role. If you are registered as both a nurse and midwife then a minimum of 900 hours (450 of each) are required.

Regular and participatory hours:

The minimum requirement for CPD hours is 35. There should be at least 15 hours of both regular time and 20 hours of participatory time spent.