Nursing is a profession of care, their profession is focused on the care of families and communities so they can not suffer from health issues.
Nurses work with the different professionals of their plan and management. They work with physicians, therapists, surgeons and also with the patient and patient’s family for treating the illness and health issues for very critical conditions.
Nursing is the defense, furtherance, and merger of health issues; avoidance of illness and injury; mitigation of suffering by diagnosis and treatment of human health; and assistance in health care for families, communities, and populations.

The motto of the nursing staff is for its professionals to assure quality care for all, keeping their credentials, code of conduct, standards and competencies in maintenance and continuing their education. A number of educational careers and paths are there for nurses to become a professional nurse worldwide.

Nurses care for people of all ages with different backgrounds who are suffering from illness or other health issues based on the people’s physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual demand. They work very technically in accordance to cure different weaknesses of the patient.

Nurses work in a broad range, they work in hospitals to visit people in their homes for their ointment. Nurses pay their duty in various occupational and professional ways, they work in a clinic with physician offices, nurse clinics, long-term care facilities and camps. Sometimes in an emergency they also work on cruise ships and in military service. Nurses are advisers and consultants to the care of health and medications. Nurses also perform their duty in research laboratories, universities, and health-related institutions as a researcher.

Continuity of educational classes and programs train nurses to provide the best possible health to patients, advanced nursing path and keep their touch with the board of nursing requirements. Nurses education dwell in both the theoretical and practical training in order to work as a perfect and professional. The education provided to nursing students is determined and experienced from their other senior medical professionals who have a much experience in educational tasks and are qualified. In past, certain changes in educational tasks have experienced more practically to the nurses. Nurses education is becoming broader and broader and professionals of many faculties work along with nurses so they get a good practical experience from them and they enjoy to work and cooperate with them.

APRN (advanced practice registered nurse) is a nurse with extra empowerments with post graduate education in nursing. APRNs are trained with technical, didactic and clinical education, information, skills, and scope of practice.
APRN gets a level and standard of nursing practice that are very much extended and expanded skills, experienced and practiced. APRN is educationally prepared at postgraduate level and may work as a specialist.